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Clean Data in FileMaker

Achieving clean data in a FileMaker database is important This is something I’ve bee dealing with for years. It hit me like a large hammer in the chest when one of my users replaced the contents of one field in about 5000 records with HTML she copied from the web. This was done accidentally, and clearly she […]

Upgrading to FileMaker Pro 13

The long-awaited FileMaker 13 family of products have arrived for Christmas. Some of us FileMaker Business Alliance members or who attended the FileMaker Developer Conference in San Diego last August had gotten a preview of what the new offerings were, but, of course our non-disclosure agreements does not allow us to share the excitement until […]

FileMaker on Android and Web

A lot of people ask: can we run FileMaker on Android? Well, not natively, but that doesn’t mean you cannot get access to FileMaker data. I’m going to list a few options. Of course, you can always run down to your local Apple Store and grab an iPad Mini and then all your problems will […]