Integrating Google Translate with FileMaker

Integrating Google Translate with FileMaker Recently we built a feature in a client’s FileMaker solution that involved sending written messages in both English and Spanish, starting by selecting a boilerplate template. The users would then edit the message as necessary before sending. We created a few test templates by composing a message in English, then […]

Create A Map Using FileMaker I

Today I was asked to create a map using FileMaker to show all the students that are accepted to my client’s school. The client said the Department of Education needs to map out the bus routed for the students. He said he DOE may not want to provide buses for a child if he/she lives too […]

FileMaker and PHP: Link to A Record Using Redirect

Let’s Learn How We Can Link to A Record Using Redirect In this article we’ll look at how you can link to a record using redirect with FileMaker and PHP. In later versions of FileMaker we have Snapshot Links. When you work in a database you can always give someone a Project number when you need to refer […]

Getting Data From WordPress To FileMaker II

In my previous post, Getting Data from a WordPress to FileMaker I detailed how you can get mySQL data (that perhaps comes from a WordPress form submission) into FileMaker. This time I’ll write about how you get that data into your own FileMaker table. I recommend “importing” the data from the mySQL database into a […]

Coding Principles And How They Apply In FileMaker

Coding Principles in general When I dabbled in development first time I had no idea I actually was developing. I was just adding a few fields here and there. Mostly I just wanted a way to record information on tracking film materials, dubbing, etc. And for the next decade I did the same: I hacked my […]

FileMaker Compatible Barcoding Products

FileMaker Compatible Barcoding ProductsFileMaker Compatible Barcoding Products

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