Robert Kapas Is Now FileMaker 10 Certified

We’re happy to announce that another member of our staff, Robert Kapas is now certified in FileMaker 10. Congratulations, Robi!

Converting Files to FileMaker Pro 12

As you may know by now FileMaker 12 is out. A lot of articles have been written about the various features, so I’m not going to bore you with that. FileMaker 12 for iOS is free, so if you haven’t grabbed a copy, go get it. It comes with some demo files to play with […]

Trojan On Macs – What To Do

I wish I could write about FileMaker 12 (which I will, soon) but there’s a more eminent issue right now: there’s apparently a new trojan out there attacking our Macs. When I read something like this, I generally just ignore it (because I have not seen a virus, malware or trojan  for Mac OS X), but I […]

FileMaker Compatible Barcoding Products

FileMaker Compatible Barcoding ProductsFileMaker Compatible Barcoding Products

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FileMaker 13 Hosting

FileMaker 13 Hosting with WebDirect:

  • Blazingly fast RAID-ed Solid State Drives;
  • 16GB of RAM;
  • 1GB guaranteed Ethernet connection;
  • 256-bit industry standard security with SSL certificate;
  • Online support ticket system with fast turnaround.