Differences Between FileMaker And Excel

Everyone I know is familiar with Microsoft Excel to some extent. Some people are more well-versed than others and can do complex data management. Not long ago I met with a consulting company who is working with one of the largest companies in the country to install hardware nation-wide. The original process is so cumbersome […]

ZeroBlue Featured On Barcode.com As A “Mobile Solution Provider”

Another application that works well with the Scanfob® 2005 Bluetooth wireless scanner is FileMakerGo, a product of FileMaker, Inc. FileMaker Go is available for iPhone and iPad and  together with the Scanfob® 2005 barcode scanner it offers business-grade mobile scanning scanning solution. Barcode scanning is quick and easy with the Bluetooth barcode scanner, and pairing it […]

How To Hire A Consultant

Why would you want to spend time reading this article instead of just hopping on the phone and calling people? Because it can hopefully save you time. And if you are a small business owner—just like I am—you care about your time because it costs you money. For us to communicate efficiently, I’d like to […]

FileMaker Compatible Barcoding Products

FileMaker Compatible Barcoding ProductsFileMaker Compatible Barcoding Products

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FileMaker 13 Hosting

FileMaker 13 Hosting with WebDirect:

  • Blazingly fast RAID-ed Solid State Drives;
  • 16GB of RAM;
  • 1GB guaranteed Ethernet connection;
  • 256-bit industry standard security with SSL certificate;
  • Online support ticket system with fast turnaround.