FileMaker data from the web or a mobile device couldn’t be easier. Whether you have an existing web site and would like to pull FileMaker data, show a list of available products, or would like to pull data from an Oracle or SQL database, ZeroBlue can do it for you.

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We offer the following connectivity methods:

  • FileMaker Instant Web Publishing
    Access certain layouts from a browser from anywhere.
  • FileMaker Custom Web Publishing
    Integrate with your own website, or give intra/internet access to your DB.
    Connect to Oracle, SQL, mySQl from FileMaker.
  • FileMaker as ODBC Data Source
    Connect ODBC-capable databases to FileMaker.
  • FileMaker Go

Let’s integrate your solution with the web or a mobile platform so your customers and vendors can access your data securely and easily.

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Take your Contacts On the Go

Are you keeping up with your clients? Have access to your client’s data wherever you or your clients are.

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Take Notes or Pictures On the Go

Capture your these right into your database where and when you take them, and then view them at your desktop later–no device to computer synching required.

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Take your data on the road: access and modify it wherever you are, right when you need to.

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Let us know your wishlist and we’ll create a taylor-made solution to match your custom requirements.

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