SeedCode Complete and Zulu: Calendar and Contact Syncing

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ZeroBlue is proud to offer SeedCode Complete as our starter solution that we can build upon. If you already have a FileMaker solution, we can simply bolt on a SeedCode Calendar. Contact us for pricing.

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Why is this good for me?

Because we can save time and money by not having to start from scratch. SeedCode Complete offers contact, project, invoice management and calendar events out of the box. You can schedule resources and even view gantt charts of your project.

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How does this work?

You buy SeedCode Complete from us. We then extend the functionality of SeedCode Complete for your company and even add modules specific to your processes, if required.

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Can this data be accessible from the web?

Yes, SeedCode Complete has an Instant Web Publishing Module that can be purchased separately.

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Can I access my calendar events from iCal?

Yes, that’s where SeedCode Zulu comes into play. Zulu is an extension for FileMaker Server that lets you see and manipulate your FileMaker calendar records from iCal, Google Calendar, as well as from the calendars on your iPhone, iPad, and Android phone.

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Can I access FileMaker contacts from my phone?

FileMaker contacts on the iPhone, iPod and iPad and Android phones

Zulu Contacts lets you sync your contacts between a FileMaker database and your mobile device. This is amazing. Finally, you can share a group of contacts between a team and have all their data be stored in FileMaker, but take them on the road with your iOS device. You can edit a contact on your iPhone on the road and it will sync back to FileMaker.

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Let us know your wishlist and we’ll create a taylor-made solution to match your custom requirements.

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